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Rush is a series of events and gatherings that allow prospective and current fraternity brothers to get to know each other. A prospective brother is called a "rush." To join any IFC fraternity, you must register online by clicking here and then click on registration link and attend any of the information sessions.


Bid Offer Extended

At the end of rush, if the brothers in the fraternity think that a rush is the best fit for membership into the fraternity, the fraternity will extend a "bid" or invitation to go through the new member program.

Bid Acceptance

Once a bid is extended, the rush has the opportunity to accept the bid to become a new member or "pledge" to the fraternity. There is a pinning ceremony that takes place to formally accept the rush as a new member or pledge to the fraternity.

New Member Program

This is a 4-week process designed to learn about the National and Local fraternity. Our new member program is filled with Academic, Social, Leadership, and Bonding activities that help build a new member into a brother.​

Initiation to Become Brother​​

After successfully completing the new member program, a new member will be invited to be initiated into the fraternity. If the new member accepts, there will be an initiation ceremony that takes place to formally initiate the brother into the fraternity.

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